Avalon (avalon_update) wrote,

Story Summary and Anime Boston

Hi all!

I thought I'd update to let you know we have started posting the background stories of the characters on http://avalon.smackjeeves.com and when those are finished, we will be posting the summary! Yay!

If you have any questions that have not been answered by the end of it, feel free to ask and we'll let you know!

In addition, we have had more comments of people buying Avalon artwork and meeting Rae from Anime Boston. I want to clarify that Rae has NEVER been to Anime Boston and possibly never will, so she has NEVER sold artwork there, and NO ONE has been given permission to sell her artwork there. We apologize that you bought something that wasn't official, and are sorry that it wasn't really Rae that you met. We love meeting fans, we wish it was us that got to meet you.

If you're ever in Ohio and want to meet either Rae or San, we usually go to Ohayocon in January every year. So we hope to meet some of you there sometime! <3
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